London A-Level Escorts

🍩 Sex providers are listed on this page. London Belles provides a list of London A-Level Escorts escorts who provide London Anal sex, sometimes known as A levels, or A-Levels. These escorts are not escorts who have passed their school exams but are escorts who provide Anal sex as a service. Ther are sex workers who have passed their exams in providing Anal sex.  London Anal Escorts are not as common as other sexual service providers, so they often charge a premium for the service.

Discretionary Anal Escorts

Escorts who provide an Anal sex service at their discretion.  Escorts may refuse because you are too large to be accommodated, lucky old you.  The escort may not be ready for Anal sex.  As a client seeking this premium service, you should ask for this service when booking your chosen escort. Don’t just assume. The escort can then prepare for your visit.  Very often an escort who provides the A-level service will require an extra payment.  This is to cover her time for the extra preparation for the service and compensation for the rarity of the service.

Sometimes escorts who provide Anal Intercourse will describe themselves as Full-Service Escorts. Please check with them that this means they provide Anal sex as a service. When indulging in Butt Play it is vitally iimportant condoms are used. Unprotected anal sex carries a higher risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections than any other sexual activity.

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