The London Borough of Southwark is south of the river Thames with bridge connections to the north side.  Tower Bridge is one of the iconic bridges crossing the river. When you hire  Southwark Escorts you can spend time with her walking through Borough Market.  You could purchase some food and entertain her on the river bank watching the ferries go by.  There are plenty of restaurants in the area where a discreet lunch or supper together before wandering back for some sinful pleasure in bed.  The south side of the river has many opportunities for pleasant strolls with you Southwark Escort,  The Tate Modern can provide a romantic setting wondering arm in arm through the galleries trying to decode one painting after another. Tracey Emin’s bed with a condom might remind you of the purpose of your visit, a sexy romp with Southwark escorts.  Southwark has theatres, such as the globe theatre.  The globe theatre is a reconstruction of a Shakespearean theatre and features Shakespeare’s plays.  Many of these having sexual prose which should get you and your Southwark courtesan in the mood for some playfulness. Southwark has a dark side.  Take some time and walk pass Cross Bones Graveyard where many prostitutes are buried. The church were pimps. The Bishop of Winchester, under whose jurisdiction the area fell, licensed and taxed prostitutes.  Prostitutes in the area were known as Winchester Geese.  They worked along the busy stretch of river. When these women died, they were not buried in consecrated ground, but instead interned at the Cross Bones Graveyard.  Many escorts and sex workers visit this site and tie notices to the railings. Walking there with your Southwark escort is a reminder of the stigma sex workers have to bear in those days and still now.  If money is no object, then hire a room in the Shard.  Be warned, some bedrooms in the Shard have views into the neighbouring rooms.  Blinds may have to be closed.

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