This page contains a list of the independent City of London Escorts.

The City of London is a small area where the old financial district resides. It is also the home to the City of London Independent Escorts. The area is also known as the square mile and has a very small resident population.  The City of London is the traditional home of the financial services industries.  To the North, the City of London is home of the legal profession, where there are Gray’s Inn escorts.  The large flows of money in the financial services industry has caused the sex trade in the City of London to flourish.  High-end London escorts are reputedly often offered to financial clients to oil the wheels of commerce.

City of London Escorts Areas

The city of London Escorts have the following areas in which to work.  There are Farringdon escorts, Cheap escorts, Aldgate escorts, Tower escorts, Bridge escorts and Billingsgate escorts.  Apparently, street work is rare with no convictions of sex workers or clients.  Most of the work is high-end escorts fulfilling the needs of bankers and lawyers. Always out of sight in flats and apartments and over a glass of Champagne.

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