The London Borough of Merton is to the South West of London, sandwiched between Wandsworth and Sutton.  The London borough of Merton includes the area Wimbledon where the famous grass tennis courts are located.  I know many London escorts who go to see the tennis matches.  The can be seen drinking their pims and eating strawberries and cream  I am not sure you would call these Merton Escorts, as they are elite escorts travelling to Wimbledon as part of the summer season.  The London borough of Merton has a strategy on prostitution.  It is contained in the  VAGW statement.  It mentions prostitution, trafficking and the disbanded Poppy project who were meant to help trafficked women but became overly political.  Their funding was cut and passed onto other services.  If you are a Merton escort, then please ask to be listed on this website.  Merton is well connected with London.  Escorts are able to travel to London on the tube, national rail and tram link.

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