Welcome to our Asian selection on London Belles.  London has always had a large selection of London Indian and Oriental Escorts who are available for massage and sexual services.  London Asian escorts are normally very good at providing personal services.  This is partly due to their upbringing which still considers men to be more equal than women.  You are almost guaranteed a good time with Asian escorts.  The Asian escorts listed on these pages are reputable and high-class escorts.  They all speak English well.   Many  London Indian and Oriental Escorts are working in this country on temporary visas, or are here on language courses.  While they are here they find the financial rewards in the sex industry are far higher than in the catering or cleaning industry which is their only viable alternatives.  An interesting book Invisible by Hsiao Hung Pai investigates the Asian sex industry.  In any case, London Belles lists many London Asian Escorts on these pages. These may be Indian Escorts, Chinese Escorts, Tawain Escorts.

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