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London European Escorts. Easter European Escorts

London Belles caters for many London European Courtesans who work in our city.  Yes, I know a British escort can be classed as European, though after Brexit it seems many don’t agree.  

The escorts from across Europe, are women who have travelled from here to work in our city of London.  These escort girls make up a large proportion of London sex workers in the city.  They come to us from many  East European countries.  

The London East European girls are though not the only European escorts working here.  We do have many courtesans from the Nordic countries, and other Western European countries, such as France, Ireland, Spain, Greece and Portugal.  Without exception, London European beaus are in our country to earn a good standard of living.  Their rates in London look good to us, but it is considerably more than many will earn back in their home country.  Many escort agencies cater to the tastes of many men by providing a large number of European Escorts in their books.

Many big agencies feature a large number of these girls. Londbelles focuses on the independent escort. This page lists those escorts from Europe, who are independent escorts and have their own web site. They may not be the cheapest European companion, but they do provide the best service,

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