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Note: whether you’re an established escort or a newbie (but especially if you’re a newbie), take a look at SAAFE. Their site is designed for you by escorts.

For your safety, we also recommend taking a look at the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) scheme.  Their service is free and sends out alerts to registered escorts about bad clients.  You can use their website to check client phone numbers for dangerous clients.  The NUM scheme is free but does require donations to continue.  London Belles does donate a proportion of its earnings to this scheme.

Independent escort listings on London Belles

Listings on London Belles are free for independent escorts with a website who work in London.

Your site must be a real escort site (not, for example, an entry page to a membership site or an agency site) and it must be a paid site with its own site domain name (no free hosting,  like Moonfruit,, blogger, WordPress etc),  as too many of these sites either drop reciprocal links or disappear without notice, or worse still remain there after you have stopped escorting).  I will accept entries from free sites where you have purchased your own domain name. The website must also show your work in London. If your site doesn’t meet these requirements stop reading now and don’t bother contacting us, as your listing request will be ignored.  

Websites and Photography

Do you need a website created for you? Then consider Select Website Design.  We create unique websites to your specification at a very reasonable price   Click Escort Websites for more information.

How to List

To get listed, you need to put a link to London Belles on the index page of your site (that’s the first page that visitors to your site see. Some people also call it the home page). Simply copy one of the banner link codes at the foot of this page and place it on your site’s index page.

When that’s done, e-mail ( us with some text and you will be listed on London Belles within 48 hours. Don’t forget to attach at least three photos that you’d like us to use for your listing. Please also indicate the London Borough(s) your incalls appointments are available from as well as the most accurate address you are happy to divulge,

If you don’t provide incalls, then you will be listed as an outcall escort. Please also list the type of escort you are from the following list.

  • A+ services
  • BBW
  • Bisexual Duo Escort
  • Brazilian and Latin
  • British
  • Domination and Fetish
  • Ebony / Black
  • Escort for Couples
  • European
  • Female Escort for Female
  • Indian and Oriental
  • MILF (Older)
  • Submissive
  • Outcall
  • PSE

It’s as simple as that and most people, including some of the best-known escorts in the business, think it’s a reasonable trade. Over time, you’ll get some decent traffic from London Belles and all that we ask for in return is the chance to get some back. If you don’t like that idea, that’s fine – but please don’t ask for a page on this site.

This arrangement works well when everyone plays fair. If you don’t want to play nicely and decide to remove the link to London Belles from your site, then expect us to do the same. And when you’re gone, you’re gone for good. There are no second chances. We have more profitable ways to spend our time than chasing people who remove reciprocal links from their sites.

Visiting Escorts

Touring escorts please take note.  This listing will include the dates you are touring  London.  Don’t place a London Belles banner on your site. Instead, pay a nominal charge of £10 a month to be listed here.  Please e-mail to be listed here.  Please email me a picture and your tour details.   You will be listed with this information.  The tour length must not extend to more than a month.  There is no requirement to place banners on your website.  Instead, you must pay £10 to be listed for the duration of your London tour.

Featured Escort listings on London Belles

If you would like to be a Featured Escort on London Belles, e-mail ( us for further information.  Featured advertisements will appear on the front page, and will be listed in the relevant sections before not featured escorts.  Featured escorts cost £100 a year.

Touring Escorts

Escorts Touring may be listed for up to a month. You don’t need a website to be listed as a touring escort. Please email me your details and a picture, include the touring dates. Payment will be £20 for up to a month. e-mail ( Please provide the ware of London you will be working (London Borough) the services you provide, picture, contact details and a short description.

London escort agency listings on London Belles

If you run an escort agency, e-mail ( us for further information on how much it costs to advertise on London Belles.  

Escort agencies are listed on the agency page.  This is a generic listing for the agency with one picture, text and a link to the escort agency.  There is a £50 setup cost for the advertisement.  This is a one time charge for the agency.  Please email me a suitable picture or banner.  The picture/banner should ideally be in the proportion of 3 units high to 2 units wide.  Please also email text you want.

An escort agency may be listed on the front page.  This is a similar format to the agency page listing.  There is a charge of £100 a year for this advertisement.  The payment of £100 will give you the front page listing for a year and a permanent listing on the agency page.

If you are interested in a featured advertisement, then please contact with your requirements..


Copy the coded link below and paste it into your site’s index page.

London Belles the purveyor of exquisite London Escorts.

London Belles

<p align="center"><a href="" target="_new"><img src="" alt="London Belles the purveyor of exquisite London Escorts" width="120" height="60" border="0"></a><br><a href=""><font size="2">London Belles</font></a></p>
London Belles the purveyor of exquisite London Escorts
<a href="" target="_new"><img src="" alt="London Belles the purveyor of exquisite London Escorts" width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>

Adultwork Listings

Adultwork escort listings are automatically added after the website escort listings. These listings come with a square image, the title, the location and short description. There is a button which links directly to the AW profile. This is directory listing is authorised by AW as part of their developer program. London Belles has been authorised by AW to display a list of AW escorts on these pages. I get a small commission from new members who signup to AW and purchase credits.

If you don’t want to appear on these pages, you may opt-out by revoking access to London Belles in your AW profile.

Edit your profile on AW
Click the General Tab
Under the heading Location Details, click the link titled External Applications: Revoke Application Access’

Here there is a list of applications which have access to your profiles. Revoking access to London Belles will remove you from my site within 6 hours.